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Aadhaar api download

Aadhar Download & Verification API

Here you can download & Verification your Aadhar through Aadhaar API authentication, where Aadhaar number, along with other features including biometrics, is submitted online to Aadhaar number, OTP or TOTP based on information or data or documents available with it for verification goes. Aadhaar authentication provides several ways in which a resident can authenticate himself using the system.

The process of verifying your Aadhaar (AADHAAR) card is very easy. This work can be done online through the Startling API service.

During an authentication transaction, the resident's record is first selected using the Aadhaar number and then the demographic/biometric input is matched against the stored data that was provided by the resident during the enrollment/update process. The fingerprints in the input correspond against all stored 10 fingerprints.

When the Aadhaar (AADHAAR) number is activated, the website will confirm that your Aadhaar (AADHAAR) number is present. Other details will also be shown. For example, in which age group you live, in which state you live, what are the last three numbers of your mobile number, etc.

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