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BBPS API Service

Startling BBPS API Service.

Startling World Services provides the fastest and secure system of all types of utility bill payments, which is the API for Bharat Bill payment system received by Direct NPCI. Which mainly constitutes electricity, water, and gas bill APIs. With this API, all can possibly connect to a wide array of companies. Easily pay the bill of any state from anywhere and SMS or receipt Provides immediate confirmation of payment through.

BBPS API Service

Currently, only 5 utilities are allowed at the API level of Startling World Services, namely - Electricity, Gas, Water, DTH., and telecom bill payment.

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Startling BBPS API Categories

⏩ Electricity ⏩ Water
⏩ GAS ⏩ Fastag
⏩ LPG Gas ⏩ Insurance
⏩ Cable TV ⏩ DTH
⏩ Landline Postpaid ⏩ Mobile Postpaid


  • Specialization
  • Our Api integration process is much eaiser and friendly for 3rd party application support multiple mass language No need to acces multiple wallet for diffrent sevices Our one and only single wallet system is bunch of fruits for diffrent services.

  • Security
  • Security is our first priority .net based API solution build in diffrent layer gives safety and security.

  • Reporting
  • Our users frendly dash board provides single window to monitor every activity.

  • Updation
  • Updating API regularly first hours end we keep upgrades and part API live same time so our client get time modify write their Application.


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