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Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

Copyright is a kind of intellectual property protection such as trademarks and patents.
Copyright registration is done after the Copyright Act, 1957. With copyright registration, you become the legal owner of your creative works in relation to books, pictures, music, websites, precious items, etc. Copyright registration with the authority cannot secure the creative work of the author. Be copied. No person is allowed to use it without the permission of the author or producer. The author is entitled to accuse others of using his work or changing it.
In India, registration gives its owner exclusive, individual rights to distribute, repeat, reproduce the work or authorize another entity for the same. It provides a bunch of rights - communication to the public, rights of reproduction, adaptation, and translation of work. However, ideas, processes, methods of operation or mathematical concepts cannot be copyrighted.
Copyright registration can be done by Startling in any of the Indian cities.

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