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Death and Birth Certificate

Death And Birth Certificate API Certificate API

Through Startling, the government and Kaushal Hospital involved in your city have joined the software to create a birth-death certificate. In such a situation, the birth certificate of children born in these hospitals will be easily made from the corporation. Parents will not have to go round for this. Chief Municipal Health Officer said that major hospitals of the Municipal Corporation have also been linked to the software of the birth-death certificate. To make a birth certificate, a form from the corporation has to be filled in along with the certificate of birth certificate from the hospital. If the child is born at home, then the person concerned has to give a copy of the water or electricity bill for the year of birth of the child.
The Regional Cleaning Supervisor investigates the report and gives two witnesses in writing. SDM court verification takes place when the child is born for more than one year. Cremation ghats are the highest receipt for death certificates. In case of death in the hospital, a certified copy from the doctor is also required. The information from the hospital is also matched.

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