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Micro ATM Machine

Micro ATM Machine (mPOS, POS)

Micro ATMs are standalone card swipe machines where the bank branches cannot reach through it can be remotely connected to the bank's core banking system. In simple words, micro ATMs are in the hands of the sales terminals which are used in those remote locations. Used to disburse cash in.

Indians living in India face issues at bank ATMs, such as limited ATM availability or long queues outside ATMs. While people living in rural India do not have bank ATMs, now Startling World Services has started its ATM CASH service on MICRO ATM.

Now, the people of India can go to any micro ATM outlet using their debit / ATM / prepaid card for Rs. Up to 10,000 cash can be withdrawn, be it Rupees, MasterCard, Visa or Maestro. We are widely available in all rural and urban India

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Micro ATM Machine

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