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Morpho Device

Morpho 1300 e3 in India

Morpho MSO 1300 is a series of 3 compact biometric USB devices. Which we can scan and withdraw money. Morpho biometric is software that we can install and do on any laptop or computer. Morpho devices use a kind of patented optical technology and fingerprint algorithms. Where we can finger scan, both acknowledged of any where for their high levels of performance and their exceptional robustness. The Morpho fingerprint Devices technology is ranked number one by NIST for accuracy.

The Morpho Smart 1300 e3 Series offers reliable services, for any type of enrollment, Morpho device is required and we also use it for correction in any document. When we check any documents, after that we certify them.

When we verify any document, if it is found wrong in any of the documents, then we do not confirm it. We protect Morpho software and desktop applications.

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