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India Post Tracking

Indian Post Tracking Consignment

Staggering is a multi-carrier shipping solution. Shocking API is an integration point for 50+ carriers including India Post. Leverage push notifications, flexible, customizable tracking pages and more to enhance your brand experience. Learn more about Starling Tracking API integration for India Post shipment. Standardizes discrepancies in carrier tracking and shipping APIs with a staggering interface.
For access to all India Post API functionality through Easy Post, just contact us. The Startling Tracking API allows you to track shipments across all carriers with general data, complete tracking history, and real-time updates. When combined with Startling, you will receive push-style notifications from the carrier at any time tracking updates. This powerful combination allows you to always know what the latest tracking information is in all your shipments and if a recipient may need to take action to retrieve their shipment in a single service.

Track individual shipments Features:

Track individual shipments without subscribing to Startling.
Free form field to add your own data.
List of carriers with an explained range or restriction.
Setup your own tracking page with your brand to send to customers.
Get multi-carrier tracking updates in one integration.
Provide an in-app shipment tracking experience like Amazon.
Send push notifications of delivery updates.
Analyze delivery time and shipping performance.
Verify whether your shipment has been delivered.

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