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Prepaid Service

A prepaid card is a banking card from which we offer from any ATM that has a fixed amount that you can use while shopping. Payment will be made with preloaded cash and is easily paid. Prepaid cards do not link to any of your bank accounts, so there are no irrelevant money cut issues from your account. Nowadays, we get a card from the bank that we can shop for anywhere, prepaid card is one of the safest methods of payment as you can only use a certain amount which is loaded in the card.

There has been a great need for a major prepaid card API in India, contact Startling World Services, which World Services Our prepaid card API is easy to use and user friendly which you can easily do it. When our API allows you to check the current amount of the card, deposit cash, withdraw cash, transaction history, set limits etc. as you can easily.

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