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QR Code & UPI Id API

Startling QR Code and UPI ID API

In today's modern times, everyone is watching online transactions. In which QR code scan and UPI ID are mainly used for most of the transactions. With the help of QR code, each user gets his or her separate identity. QR code and UPI id make it easy to accept online transactions.

Startling world services Qr code & UPI Eid (Unified Payment Interface) API is providing all the partners with the help of getting instant transfer or money from their bank through their website using UPI ID or scanning the QR code service. To use, you have to connect your account to your bank.

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upi payment api

Once your bank identity is verified, you can make direct bank payments to anyone. This makes it very easy to develop a business and at the same time, you only need to request, send, or ask for money Your UPI id Or QR code has to be scanned. The simplest and easiest way of payment collections for all of you.

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