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Startling Smart GPS ID Card

Digital and smart ID cards with GPS tracking, SOS alarms for modern students, also a phone, in which GPS functions for parents and school teachers can easily finger their children with their smartphone. Support SOS and prevent strangers, family numbers from being called. It is an ideal personal guard for primary students. In recent times, travelers come in large quantities from many countries of the world, millions of people, including the elderly, children and women. Therefore, as a contribution to IoT devices, the startup company provides a GPS tracking card to protect, care for and protect people from loss in crowded places, and use this GPS ID card without the need for a recharge It is done for a long time and it is also mildly easy to use.

Now you can know when your child reached school and when he reached from home to school via SMS in our state-of-the-art software alert technology. This GPS card is specially used for students Can be done from Students can fill their basic information on the card and use it as an ID card. Parents and schools are perfect for choosing this card.

We can connect the card to the mobile app. Then, we can find the child real-time over the phone. If the child is in danger, the card has a buttoned alarm function to ensure the safety of children.

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