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Virtual Account Opening API

Virtual Account Opening API

Startling World Service is providing service for virtual account opening, enabling virtual account corporations to automate reconciliation with the use of a bank account and improve their total liquidity visibility and open virtual accounts. With the virtual accounts solution, companies can set up their virtual accounts in a self-service mode, which reflects payments per customer, institution, or project, and helps to open accounts.

you can digitize the way of managing one or more accounts as well as clients, and virtual accounts suitable for high transactions, feasible to activate/ deactivate or modify their online bank account and allows you a safe, secure and seamless integration with ICICI Bank & YES Bank payment services.

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Virtual Account

With virtual account openings, collect payments from a large number of your customers and connect to the API. Creating and assigning a virtual account to each of your payers makes the task easier, here you can easily identify the paying customer and the purpose of payment. All the virtual accounts that you create and assign are electronically linked to your master account and you can check it by checking the virtual account. If you have a business anywhere that receives regular payments from at least 50 different paying customers and looks at paid accounts, you use VA to reconcile better accounts May consider doing.

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