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Yes Bank AEPS

We can providing YES BANK AEPS

Aadhar Enable payment system is an advanced trend of modern bank transactions, which is very safe and convenient for people from remote areas and for digital transactions.

It is the only transaction system that allows cash to be withdrawn from the Aadhaar card and requires fingerprints or iris images for authentication.

Withdrawal of any bank account can be done with the help of the Aadhar Enable payment system and simultaneously check the balance, transfer money to your family and friends. startling world Services is one of the best YES Bank AEPS API Services Provider companies.

By getting YES Bank AEPS API services delivered by us, you are able to transfer unlimited funds using your Aadhaar details by integrating the Aadhaar enabled payment system with API in your portal. This cash management solution will give you the freedom to use cash online safely.


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