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aadhar pay api

Aadhar Pay API in India.

Startling World Services, which provides Aadhaar Pay's API services, Aadhaar Pay API services are one of the unique installment frameworks that enable currency exchange through customers' unique identification numbers and can easily receive customer money. AEPS is safe, reliable and very easy to understand for money related exchanges.

Aadhaar Pay's services are now being provided by almost all the banks. AEPS is a bank-led model using PoS (Point of Sale / Micro ATM) through Business Correspondent (BC) / Bank Mitra of any bank using Aadhaar authentication. But online interoperable allows financial transactions and you can increase your business.

aadhar pay api

Required for Transaction:Aadhar Pay

Startling World Services which provides Aadhaar Pay's services which are AEPS transactions are completely card-less and PIN-less. Here a person can easily transact digitally with the use of Android-based handsets and fingerprint authentication which provides a high level of security so that we have no problem in carrying out our business.

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