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Payment Gateway Integration

you know that everythinks going digital(Online). Every person wants to be securely validate of credit/debit card or account details and convenient in any paying through online. Here we are offering you to integrate payment gateway in business to leading in business marketing.

We will integrate the payment gateway setup in your panel, you do not have to do anything.

A payment gateway is a service that authorizes credit or debit card payments for online and offline businesses (shop , restaurant etc).

How PG Works

A customer will place an order on the website, checkout from the cart .

Customer will pay for the product, after that the transaction Id will generated by bank. then the merchant will transfer order information to the customers through payment gateway.

Transaction authorized or declined (depending on funds available in the customer’s account) by the issuing bank or card (VISA, MAESTRO, American Express, MASTER etc.) after the authentication process is successful.

Payment gateway sends a message of success and failure of transaction to the merchant.

At last bank settles to payment gateway and then the payment gateway settles the money to the merchant.

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