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Let's know types of API

The API Documentation, supplied by the software vendors generally companies such as Face book, Twitter, or Google etc. to allow you to access their functionality but you can’t custom it, it’s are third parties API.

The API Documentation, supplied by the software vendors, shall contain all of the required technical details for programmers to integrate into the software to make a custom application. Because you cannot use the full potential of an API without knowing the functions & set of instructions required to implement the API.

Proper API documentation helps you to learn about the usage restrictions, data input, data output, getting a proper report and other implementation details. If your software vendor is able to supply the proper documentation of API for the software system, then you have an opportunity to integrate into a custom software application. Every business requires a shift over time. A scalable API can grow with your business. This means that you won’t have to redo your existing third-party integrations when you select flexible options that are specialized for your needs.

First Parties Vs Third Parties.

A First Party API gives you complete control over every aspect of the API customization lifecycle, including development, design, and implementation. Developing a First Party API, then, makes the most sense for unique client cases for security scenarios.

The exact benefits to developing an API 'in-house' is that you have total control over what data is returned, what data is required, its capabilities like filtering and pagination, and You will always know that which data will be returned and you can also change it according to your own. You also have the added bonus of being able to iterate quickly, and really tailor the API to your businesses particular needs with the help of in-house API development you are completely independent to customization in it.

Third Party API Development

In today's world, whether you're aware of it or not, APIs are everywhere --you can be feel her existences in daily life if you don't believe on it let's search how we get information from social media sites, how we navigate our GPS's, and how we process any work online.

An API developed by a third-party will have its own requirements and rules, so if you need an API for a specific business or customer needs then this is an optimal solution. Most of the time, a third party API will fulfill your needs. And there will be a safer and more effective solution that can prove to be an artisan for your business.

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